Some NFL Players Have Already Played Call Of Duty 2019 At A Private Event

We haven’t had much to see of the upcoming Call of Duty outside of what Infinity Ward has hinted at. Our best bet is that it does turn out to be Modern Warfare 4, but one group of people besides Infinity Ward that do know about the game are some lucky football players. What do they know about the new Call of Duty game in 2019 that we don’t?

For starters, they actually played the game itself. While we don’t see anything of what the game is like, the private event did confirm that a playable build of the game was provided to the NFL players.

If there’s a playable build of the new Call of Duty game set for 2019, they should be ready to reveal it soon right? After all, it’s almost the season where a new Call of Duty game gets revealed. Still, I wouldn’t bet all my money on it since this was a very private event that the football players were invited to.

The Call of Duty franchise has made it a trend of frequently releasing video games on a yearly basis. We haven’t had Call of Duty 2019 fulfill that trend just yet so the best we can do is wait.

All of the leaks, rumors, details and other info we have for the game all allude to it being Modern Warfare 4.

It’ll be interesting to see how they could continue the series considering the very conclusive end to Modern Warfare 3. That game left almost no loose ends while simultaneously covering up previous ones as well.

Would the fabled Modern Warfare 4 continue to follow the story of Captain Price? He’s pretty much the only surviving member of the series since everybody else is gone now.

Infinity Ward did suggest a lot of co-op experiences, a proper campaign and a rich multiplayer world so we can only hope.

Source: CharlieIntel