Anthem Developers Embarrassed On Live Stream, Showed Disinterest In Their Own Game

Anthem’s awaited live stream that was supposed to bring us good news, ended up making things worse. The community is once again left disappointed by what BioWare discussed and showed. New content is delayed to prioritize fixing the game which most believe isn’t going to happen any time soon.

During the live stream, the developers themselves seemed disinterested in their own game. It seems like they wanted to be anywhere but on camera doing an Anthem live stream. Everyone who appeared on Stream dodged questions and according to some, “acted drunk.”

The entire stream was highly disorganized and developers ignored chat. One of the developers got angry at the community because no one was asking about level design. Meanwhile, those who tuned into the stream spammed the chat with “loot.”

Speaking of loot, BioWare developers ran the mission on GM1 and at the end opened a chest that dropped all purple items and one MW ember.

After opening the chest all three went into an awkward silence for about 10-seconds. It seems, and it is speculated by some fans on Reddit, that BioWare possibly rigged the loot to drop a legendary but it didn’t work.

Anthem’s next major content update, as I mentioned, is delayed. Right now there isn’t much to do in BioWare’s Anthem and most aren’t interesting to go back at all. The disastrous launch of Anthem and Kotaku expose has severely dented BioWare’s reputation.

And of course, such half-cooked live streams won’t help matters in any shape or form. The silver lining is that BioWare isn’t leaving the game behind the same way it did with Mass Effect Andromeda.

Developers are committed to fixing the game no matter how much time it takes. It the meantime, it is best to avoid hosting such live streams. Poor communication is worse than a lack of communication.

While many seem to have lost hope in Anthem, the director of Star Citizen still thinks Anthem can be redeemed. Speaking in a recent interview, Chris Roberts, the original creator of Wing Commander and co-creator of Star Citizen, stated that there is plenty of “good stuff” in Anthem. Similar to No Man’s Sky, Anthem can be saved.