Survey: Most Players Will Choose Console Over PC to Play Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 players will choose console over PC to the upcoming game. According to a survey hosted on Twitter by our very own Randy Pitchford, most players will choose to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

If we look at the survey results, over 43K participated which is a large sample. Our of 43,553 potential buyers 34% said they will buy the game on Xbox One, 31% chose PS4, and only 29% will buy Borderlands 3 on PC. 6% however, will player on “other” platforms.

Borderlands games sell exceptionally well on Steam but its exclusivity on Epic Games Store has put off some PC players. Randy Pitchford is frequently seen arguing with customers on social media which further contributes to the debacle. Pitchford insults fans and is dismissive of their concerns.

In one of his Twitter rants, he told a fan to “fuck off” while on a separate occasion he said fans can keep whining about Epic Games Store exclusive deal. Not to mention the false information regarding Troy Baker’s role in Borderlands 3.

The sales data from Epic Games Store post-Borderlands 3 release would be very interesting to look at. We saw similar backlash at the time of Metro Exodus’ release but the game went on to sell more copies than its predecessors did on Steam.

Metro Exodus fans protested and staged a boycott of the game but in the end, went over to Epic Games Store and bought a copy. It is a strong indication and while vocal minority cares about Steam, most have no issues with Epic Games Store exclusive deals.

Many notable IPs including The Division 2, Metro, and now Borderlands have joined Epic Games. There are rumors that future Assassin’s Creed games could ditch Steam in favor of Epic.

The main attraction of Epic Games Store is the revenue split. Epic only takes 12% of the total generated revenue and offers a large sum of money upfront for exclusive deals. Although Epic Store may cut developer share in the future, it is the most attractive store for developers right now.

Steam is yet to present a counter and currently sits silently observing the situation.