Players Beware! A Video Game Console Thief Is Targeting Homes In Richland, Columbia

There have been a lot of reports regarding stolen PS4s and other video game consoles following a string of home burglaries in Richland, Columbia. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is advising residents of Columbia to stay cautious and be on the lookout. According to the police the serial thief has been targeting homes that have video games consoles and other small electronics.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that the thief has targeted at least seven different homes north of Sparkleberry Road with at least eight burglaries committed in total. The thief kicks in doors, barge in, and takes off the victim’s video games consoles and other small electronics from homes in Richland, Columbia.  It is likely there are accomplices involved in the series of thefts as they happened in different locations and multiple times.

According to deputies’ official report, the burglaries happened at:

  • The 400 block of North Donar Drive.
  • A house on Freya Court, twice.
  • The 300 block of Wotan Road.
  • The 200 block of Huntcliff Drive.
  • Two home on the 200 block of Chimneyridge Drive.
  • The 300 block of Thornridge Road.

The sheriff’s department has also released a CCTV image of a person of interest in connection to the robberies. The suspect is believed to be black and in his early 20s.

Right now, it is unconfirmed which game consoles the thieves have stolen. The police report only mentions the thieves stealing “small electronics” and “video game systems” from the homes. Thankfully, there are ways to track your stolen PS4.

How to track stolen PS4?

Sony already has a system in place to report stolen PS4s. Each device connected to WiFi has a unique address known as a MAC address that helps track stolen PS4. So whenever a PS4 gets stolen, Sony advises victims to tell them thePS4’s MAC address.

Whenever the criminal connects to WiFi from the stolen PS4, Sony records the IP address associated with the PS4 MAC address and reports it to the authorities. Sony also bans that PS4’s access to PlayStation Network.

Sony has been trying to prevent thefts from happening for many decades. Maybe the new biometric parental controls Sony patented in the PS5 will also serve as a security measure and stop similar thefts from happening in the future.

So far, there hasn’t been any official statements from either Microsoft or Sony regarding the serial thief in Richland, Columbia.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department has asked anyone who can identify the person or has information related to the burglaries to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-Crime-SC.

Source: The State