Nathan Drake Won’t Be Returning For Uncharted 5

Nolan North, the voice behind Nathan Drake has answered everybody’s questions surrounding Uncharted 5. Don’t expect it to happen, or rather, don’t expect Nathan Drake to return in it at least. At least North is proud of what he and Naughty Dog achieved.

Uncharted 4 served the end to the main character’s story in the best way possible. Here’s what Nolan North had to say specifically:

A lot of people want the fifth Uncharted, but that ship has kinda sailed. It’s great that so many people can all remember such an iconic franchise,’ said North. ‘We didn’t know there’d be a second one. I just remember being really excited to do the second one, and when that one really took off, Naughty Dog pretty much knew there’d be a third and a fourth. It wasn’t until the fourth one kind of started that there’s no fifth one and you’re going ‘Okay, what’s next?’ But you don’t want to jump the shark … It was bittersweet to end the franchise, but we’re proud of what we’ve made, and if that’s the way that Sony and Naughty Dog decide to leave it, then I’m fine with that.

So there you have it guys, from the man himself but don’t look at this as a bad thing though. He’s right, the 4 Uncharted games did make a name for themselves and have set Nathan Drake as one of the most memorable protagonists of all time. Nobody likes milking a franchise more than it needs to be. While we may not see Uncharted 5, don’t get your hopes up for the return of Nathan Drake.

Plus, it’s not like we’ll never see Uncharted content in the future either. It just might be time to bid farewell to Nolan North’s portrayal of Drake. We’ve still got that movie to look forward to which hopefully doesn’t turn out God awful right?