Are You Ready For A New Death Stranding Trailer?

Hideo Kojima, one of the most renowned names in video-games for the work he’s done on the Metal Gear Solid series recently shared an Instagram post. While the main focus of the post was on a cool little figurine of himself, you can’t help but notice some work being done on Premiere Pro on the background. What could Kojima be editing? Perhaps, a new Death Stranding trailer?

Here’s the post he made a few days ago:


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Not going to lie, that figurine looks dope. I wonder if it’ll be available to the general public for purchase at any point. It would go well with any Solid Snake action figure people may have lying around.

We know that Death Stranding is at a very good point of its development right now. When will they start showing us more of the game though? As it is, people still have no idea what to expect. All we can do is hope for a Death Stranding Trailer.

This editing in the background of the cool little Kojima figurine may as well be the new trailer. I’ll be honest though, I do like Hideo Kojima’s strategy with the marketing of his upcoming game. The trailer could be for E3 2019 which is still far off so we can’t be sure about the exact time of trailer release for the time being.

It’s good that people have nothing to expect as of yet. We live in an age where it’s impossible to get to the release of a movie or video game without there being some sort of spoiler. I remember how back in the day, you had to actually play Mortal Kombat to experience all the fatalities. Now as we approach the release of 11, we know all of them beforehand.

Still, a semblance of knowing what Death Stranding is about would be nice. Then again, they aren’t shoving pre-orders in our face or anything so they don’t owe us information either.

Death Stranding releases at an unknown date but will be available for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.