Did PlayStation France Just Tease Nioh 2 Reveal?

Nioh 2’s official reveal trailer was recently re-uploaded on PlayStation’s France Youtube channel suggesting that new information could be revealed soon. Or maybe, they are just late to the party?

Nioh sequel was shown for the first time at E3 2018, and since then, no screenshots or trailers have been shared for the game. That being said, there’s also no information about when we can expect to hear about the game in details.

But why release an old trailer now? A user went on to ask PlayStation France about the reason for such a late upload to which the channel responded by saying:  “Better late than never, no? ;-).” While the official PlayStation response tells us nothing, this could also mean that they wanted to clear the backlog before they upload a new trailer or gameplay reveal for Nioh 2.

It’s worth noticing that Koei Tecmo will be publishing Nioh 2 in Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment in European and North American markets, so the new information could be revealed by Sony. This new reveal speculation also aligns with the previous statement of game director Fumihiko Yasuda, who promised to provide an update on the game in early 2019.

E3 2019 is the next press-conference for such a reveal but only if the developer decides to appear independently since Sony is not coming this year. That said, Team Ninja can reveal new information anytime in the upcoming weeks as it’s long overdue.

As for what we know about the game, there will be character customization options and players will be able to choose from different gender and race options. The protagonist (male or female) will also possess the power of Yokai. We are also expecting to receive a demo of the game like the Nioh which helped the developers to improve the game further.

Nioh 2 will not be a dramatic change over the first game in the series, according to director Fumiko Yasuda. He also said that there will be “more satisfying deaths for players” in the sequel, confirming that the game will be difficult just like original Nioh which was a very challenging game. PlayStation Europe product manager had the chance to try out the game earlier this year and he came back very impressed. He said that the game is like Nioh but much better, just like the fans wanted.

That’s pretty much all we know about the game. For the moment, there’s no release date for Nioh 2 and the game is only confirmed to release on Sony’s PlayStation 4. It may arrive on PC at a later date just like the original game.