GTA 6 Microtransactions Will Most Likely Follow In GTA 5’s Footsteps

Take-Two made a huge chunk of its revenue in the past few years from recurring purchases in GTA 5. That’s a more formal term for microtransactions basically. We’re all very familiar with the amount of microtransactions Rockstar put in GTA 5, and it worked. That sort of leads us to believe that GTA 6 monetization/microtransactions will be taking the same route.

Red Dead Redemption 2 also confirmed that the company is steadily leaning towards a live-service model alongside the rich narrative they provide with their stories.

GTA 5 made the use of shark cards for their microtransaction market. While the multiplayer attachment of GTA Online was free with the game, the items in it weren’t.

The gameplay was designed to be very grinding in nature. To get the car you wanted, you’ll probably have to do the same mission over and over again to reap the rewards. This encouraged people to spend real money to bypass the grind.

It made a huge profit, as GTA Online made over a billion in just microtransactions alone. This alongside the sales the game itself made are all heavy inclinations for GTA 6 to follow the same strategy with its microtransactions.

A few things that are hard to forecast include details like GTA 6 possibly being a PS5 exclusive which definitely would cut their profits down a significant amount. At least from the consumer side.

There’s also the concern of when GTA 6 will actually release since Rockstar has spoken out before about how it would never survive in the current political climate.

Once again though, these are all assumptions based on intuition. More and more companies are catering to the live-service business model due to how profitable it can be. Grand Theft Auto 6 would have nothing to lose from pursuing a business model that’s succeeded in the past.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed regarding the game’s accessibility. A PlayStation 5 exclusive wouldn’t bode well for a lot of people. GTA is a game that everybody needs to play.