Dr Disrespect Thinks Fortnite Is Making Gamers “Soft”

It’s good to preface this whole thing by saying that a whole part of doc’s schtick is expressing satirical hate for games. Particularly when he loses for comical value. When it comes to the battle royale giant though, it might be genuine. Dr Disrespect basically accuses Fortnite of making the modern generation of gamers soft.

Here’s the exact quote he used regarding the softness of our generation:

More sensitivity out in the world, they are getting softer and softer. We are talking about the younger kids here. When they get challenged, they grow soft. And, these stupid ass developers from North Carolina [Epic Games] have contributed to that. Why? You get shot once in a regular military-style, or any old-school Halo, Call of Duty. Anything that has to do with competitiveness, you have to deal with it right then and there. Either use your cover, peak, etc. This game? You get shot it’s f*ck*ng seven walls up because I’m scared to death and I got a second chance!

To give the rant better context, Dr Disrespect was streaming a game of Fortnite and got into a battle with the other last man standing. The battle was long and tedious but ended in a loss due to a lot of excessive building.

While everyone does have differing views, it’s unfair to blame a game’s unique mechanics for being bad. Fortnite separates itself from other battle royale games with its building gameplay.

I do agree on Dr. Disrespect’s statement about the modern generation of gamers being very soft. The current line of gamers would never have survived in a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 lobby.

The whole Sekiro debate is a shining example of just that.

I don’t have any irks with Fortnite really. It’s not my cup of tea but people out there do like it so more power to them. Somebody does need to stop Tim Sweeney though.