Rockstar India Seems to Have Leaked Bully 2 and LA Noire Sequel?

Fans have been waiting for Rockstar Games to release a new title after their latest, critically acclaimed, Red Dead Redemption 2. A recent resume from an Indian Rockstar 3D animator suggests that the studio is working on multiple unannounced projects. We may be close to seeing Bully 2 or a sequel to LA Noire.

Recently, Reddit user Fika122 pointed out something interesting in a resume of a Rockstar India employee, Abhinav Raj Karanwal. The whole resume is worth the read but here are a few of the noteworthy facts from it.

  • Karanwal has listed that he is a current employee of Rockstar India.
  • He has also listed that he worked on multiple “Unannounced Games for consoles” as a Rockstar employee.
  • These games are likely to be for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Anaconda consoles

These unannounced projects from Rockstar Games can be sequels to renowned IPs such as Bully, LA Noire, Manhunt. There have been a lot of rumors on the web that Rockstar is working on Grand Theft Auto 6. Last week, a leak from a European developer suggested that Rockstar Games will release Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) next year somewhere around the holiday season. Another resume from a former Rockstar employee showed “upcoming GTA 6” in the experience section.

It is also unlikely that Rockstar India worked on an entirely different title. Before 2013, Rockstar Games had multiple subdivisions based around the globe. Each subdivision worked on a separate title. This allowed Rockstar to create multiple games at the same time. But around 2013, Rockstar took a different approach. It unified all the subdivisions to work on a single title at a time. We saw this with their latest entry, Red Dead Redemption 2, where between 2013 and 2018, the studio only worked on one single game.

Because of this, whatever Rockstar India worked on, has to be a unified project. These unannounced projects from Rockstar Games could be new IPs, something we haven’t seen before. They can also be new installments in Rockstar’s previous games like Bully 2, LA Noire, or Manhunt.

Since Rockstar hasn’t made any official announcements regarding its upcoming projects, its best to treat this with a grain of salt. Whatever Rockstar is working on, fans will have to wait for the studio to make an official announcement.