Weedcraft Inc. Plants Guide – How to Grow, Improvement Tips

In this Weedcraft Inc. Guide, you’ll learn to grow good quality weed. In addition to this, you’ll also learn about some techniques using which you’d be able to increase the yield of your weed.

Furthermore, we’ve outlined some methods using which you should be able to grow and improve your plants.

Weedcraft Inc. Plants

In Weedcraft Inc., growing plants isn’t an easy task since it requires a lot of care and conditions which need to be fulfilled to in order to get the best results. Similarly, in this game, you’ll need a proper setup where you can start a plantation.

Weed can be grown in rooms with each room containing 3 plants. However, don’t worry because space can be expanded after a few upgrades.

After the initial setup is in place, you’ve to make sure that the plants are getting enough sunlight, without which, they can’t grow. Along with sunlight, a plant also needs air, therefore, you’ll have to set up fans in rooms to provide plants with air.

Ideal Conditions

As you progress in the game, you’ll have the freedom to grow and supply different weed plants. The problem is different weed plants need different types of resources.

In other words, you’ve to follow a different SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for every type of plant.

For example, temperature, humidity, nutrients will vary according to the plant type. If you don’t follow the procedures properly, weed quality would decrease and many groups will refuse to purchase weed from you.

Super Lemon Haze requires 18-degree temperatures, whereas, Space Queen requires 27 degrees, humidity, and nutrients of both type of plants also vary, thus, you’ve to be flexible.

Improving Plant Quality

Weed quality is directly proportional to weed sale. The better the quality, the more groups will be attracted towards your weed. To increase the quality, you’ll have to make sure the conditions are perfect and fulfill the requirement of a certain weed plant.

You can control how much nutrients plant intakes by clicking on the plant and selecting the test tube tab where you can change the amount according to your desire.

Temperature and humidity is also an important aspect and the game provides you a slider that is present at the bottom of the screen.

If you do this precisely, you’ll end up getting a higher quality weed that’d prove to be good for your business in the long run.