Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Producer Expects Players to Spend $4-5k in Microtransactions

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Producer Carrie Gouskos expects people to spend $4-5k a year to stay competitive and win in the game. This was revealed by the producer in response to a question: “do you expect people to pay $4-5k to catch up? She replied by saying yes.

Here’s what the producer said:

Expect? Yeah I’d say to some degree. Want? Not for anybody for whom it was unpalatable. What I want is for the people at the tip of the gear to get him, and for most of the next wave of people to get him when he next comes around. More like Traya (without the raid).

To be honest, it’s a horrendous way to say it. Players of the game are utterly shocked to hear such a thing coming directly from the producer. It just shows how much the producer is greedy for money, neglecting free to play players. Personally, I’m not surprised since Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a game published by Electronic Arts.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile collectible role playing game by EA Capital Games and EA Mobile. The gambling word suits Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes perfectly. Players have always complained that the game is designed like a casino as you always get what you don’t need and it also gets you addicted in order to achieve what you desire in the game.

I don’t wanna have to gamble. I would much rather have more power in my hands. I would like to have some more standardized results for me to feel in control of the game and not the other way around. Gambling is not for everyone and unnecessary pressure. Constantly being subject to ignorance and being unable to predict any outcome, a user says on the game’s official forum

Leaving the game shouldn’t be the last option for such players, EA should give players an idea of what exactly they are going to get for spending money. It’s the reason why Belgium has now banned loot boxes from video games. At first, EA tried to fight back but eventually had to kneel down before Belgium’s laws.

At least, we now know that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is not going to have any microtransactions inside. It’s big news for the fans as EA single-handedly destroyed Star Wars Battlefront 2 with the use of microtransactions in the worst way possible.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is now available to play on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit