Rumor: Rocksteady Working on a Live Service Suicide Squad Game

There is rumor circling around regarding Rocksteady’s next game, Suicide Squad. Rocksteady is the creator of Batman Arkham games and since the release of Batman Arkham Knight, the studio has been working on a secret project in collaboration with DC/Warner Brothers.

According to a new rumor, the game in question is Suicide Squad. While the validity of this leak is still in question, the information will definitely get fans discussing the possibilities. Some internal Warner Brothers marketing materials have come to light, claiming that Rocksteady will announce its new game prior to E3 2019.

What gives a bit of credibility to such a document is the fact that Warner Brothers’ Mortal Kombat 11 was leaked in a similar manner.

The reveal trailer for the Suicide Squad is CG and will show the iconic Batman villain, R’as al Ghul, and many other villains. The game is a Destiny like experience and will feature raids, loot, and more. Following the reveal trailer, Rocksteady will release a “Gotham trailer” that shows metropolis as one of the playable areas and following that we will see a “Star City” trailer.

The multiplayer-focused game is set to release in 2020. Suicide Squad is a live service game with team-based gameplay.

Jason Schreier, the reporter known for his accurate leaks, was asked about the Suicide Squad game. He replied by saying that “he wouldn’t want to spoil it.” This indicates that the leak may actually hold some merit.

In fact, we may actually soon see a live service Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady Studios. It would be interesting to see how a studio known for its single-player experiences handle a live-service multiplayer game. It is to be noted that WB Montreal is also working on the project.

Suicide Squad is expected to be announced on June 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. One can hope it isn’t an Epic Games Store exclusive.

We hope this isn’t the only project under development at Rocksteady Studios. There is a rumored Justice League game in the works as well.

Source: Resetera