Risk of Rain 2 Ascendant Challenge and Decide Challenge Guide – Shrine of the Mountain

In Risk of Rain 2, a lot of action occurs when you try to access the Shrines. These are directly linked to a couple of challenges that you can complete to earn various in-game rewards. Our Shrine of the Mountain Guide will help you learn all about it.

During the early game, it’s recommended to engage two bosses instead of one since the environment is usually calm in the beginning and you should’ve no difficulties in doing so. The rewards for doing so should help you in the long run.

Risk of Rain 2 Ascendant Challenge and Decide Challenge

If you observe a little deep, you’ll realize that the shrines show a skeleton-hand forming a fist. These fists-like structures are located in the mountains.

After you reach a shrine, you’ll be notified about the shrine’s name/type. You can press ‘E’ to use a shrine.

To activate the Ascendant Challenge, you’ll have to activate two shrines simultaneously and eliminate the two bosses who will spawn shortly afterward. Completing the challenge should reward you with the Royal Capacitor item.

In order to start the Decide Challenge, you need to activate more shrines that will spawn an elite boss on “Monsoon” difficulty. If you find three in one level, it’ll drastically increase the chances.

After completing the Decide Challenge, you’ll receive Power Brainstalk item which will help remove certain cooldowns on your weapons. It’s a pretty neat item that will definitely serve you in the long run when elite enemies become common.