Report: PlayStation 5 Games Won’t Be All Digital, Sony Won’t Drop Physical Copies

PlayStation 5 games will be available as physical copies.  The recent GameStop revenue loss raised big questions about the future of physical games.

More gamers are going for digital games which is forcing Microsoft to release an all-digital Xbox One console. The console is reportedly coming our way at E3 2019.

According to a post by an EU based developer, PS5 games will be available to gamers via physical copies at retail.  This is good news for games still interesting buying retail copies of the game.

The future is digital but physical copies aren’t going away anytime soon. One wonders of the cost of digital games should be lowered as there is no cost extra cost of production.

It is public knowledge that Sony is skipping E3 2019 which means all eyes are on PlayStation Experience. The company is rumored to announce its next-generation console at PSX 2019.

Some of the PlayStation 5 games we already know about are Horizon Zero Dawn 2, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Gran Turismo 7, and PUBG 4K.

However, due to the rise of digital games, there will be more focus on creating a better online infrastructure.

Sony is reportedly introducing PlayStation Plus Premium and the company is making efforts improve PlayStation Network.

Some early changes are already introduced by Sony. PlayStation Network now allows players to change their IDs.

Users can now change their IDs free for the first time. Additional changes will cost $9.99 each.