Rapper Logic to Play An Important Role in The Last of Us 2

The famous American Rapper Logic is going to play an unspecified role in The Last of Us 2. The creative director, Neil Druckmann recently shared a Tweet showing Logic and actor Travis Willingham wearing suits for the motion capture shots.

“Had a little too much fun brutalizing these two fine gentlemen,” read Druckmann’s caption of the image which can be seen here. It’s currently unknown what type of role Logic is actually going to play in the game. By the looks of it, it’s possible that he’s one of the main characters.

Rapper’s appearance in the game doesn’t come as a surprise since a he’s big gaming fan and specifically of Naughty Dog. In the past, Logic used to play games on a Youtube channel. That’s not all, he has also made references to Naughty Dog and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in his songs multiple times.

Considering the word “brutalize”, it looks like Logic could be one of the characters that get killed later in the game. Whatever his role is, it’s going to be very cool to see him make an appearance in the game. Many fans are also expecting to hear his music in the game.

The news also confirms that The Last of Us 2 is going to have a much bigger cast than The Last of Us.

Yes, we are more hyped than ever about the upcoming survival game but unfortunately, we haven’t heard about the game for a long time. The developer says that they will only share new information about the game when they are ready.

Arne Meyer, director of communications of Naughty Dog, replied to a curious fan by saying that “can’t say much, but we’ll put new things out when it and we are ready. Appreciate you and all of our fans’ patience”. The fans will have to wait for sometime more because of Sony not attending E3 2019.

This response came after the rumors that The Last of Us 2 is coming out this year. The game’s listing appeared on PlayStation Store under the section of titles that are going to release this year. The list included games like Days Gone, Mortal Kombat, RAGE 2 and more.

Unfortunately, the listed of the game was removed shortly from the list of titles that are coming soon thus leaving The Last of Us series fans severely disappointed.

The Last of Us 2 published by Sony Interactive Entertainment will release exclusively for PlayStation 4.