Tim Sweeney Addresses Epic Store Spyware Accusations

A recent Reddit post had gained traction as it made the case that the Epic Store is spyware for the Chinese government. The fuel for this theory was mainly driven by the collaboration Epic Games have with Tenzen Corporation. After the accusation gained enough attention, Tim Sweeney himself has addressed the issue on Twitter.

He does state that while you can have disdain for the Epic Store, separate fact from fiction. That’s a respectable stance to have.

Now I’d like to add that I don’t endorse or support the Epic Store in any way. I have plenty of reason to dislike them with their forced exclusives and crappy security.

However, I don’t believe they’re helping the Chinese government spy on us. That’s a very heavy accusation to point at Sweeney and while I don’t like his business practices, he’s not a criminal out to sell our data, hopefully.

After how things are going with Facebook and Google in terms of user data, players understandably have their doubts with all the lack of security and consumer-oriented features on Epic Games Store.