Valve Explains Why 75% Of CPUs In Steam Hardware Survey Predate Intel Skylake

Recent Steam hardware survey has raised some questions. One of the raised concerns is why over 75% of CPUs in the survey predate Intel Skylake. One Reddit user directly asked Valve how the Steam hardware survey works.

Reddit user emailed Valve asking about their Survey process and why 75% of CPUs in the Steam Hardware Survey predate the Intel Skylake CPUs.

Now before we go ahead, the survey doesn’t specifically mention CPU models and only reveal the clock speeds. According to the Redditor, the last time CPUs were below 3.69 GHz were when Intel Skylake was still around.

In response, Valve explained why they aren’t able to display CPU SKUs in their surveys. According to Valve, when Steam Hardware Survey started, the CPUid instruction didn’t exist and hence they weren’t able to detect CPU SKUs.

However, Valve added that the instruction has become more common and in the future, users will be able to identify CPU SKUs being used by Steam users.

Steam Hardware Survey

Speaking of CPUs, ever since Ryzen released its been going head-to-head with Intel thanks to its higher cores/thread count and price. Last year, a European retailer revealed that Ryzen outsold Intel by 2:1.

But, AMD didn’t stop there and continued its streak as the retailer again revealed that Ryzen outsold Intel by 2:1 in March 2019.

Ryzen 5 2600 continued to lead the AMD side and it’s still the most sold Ryzen CPU. On Intel’s side, Intel Core i9-9900K lead the charge but not by a huge margin.

However, in terms of revenue, the story is very different. AMD accounted for 52% of the CPU revenue while Intel accounted for around 48% of revenue generated from CPU sales. The close gap can be attributed to Intel CPU prices as they are usually way higher compared to AMD Ryzen.

Recently, we also saw a leak revealing the upcoming Core i7-9750H. According to the leak, the CPU is 28% faster than Intel Core i7-8750H.

Source: Reddit