Sony is Forcing Offensive PSN Names to be Changed

PlayStation 4’s PSN name change feature is now live thus giving Sony the ability to change your username if it’s found to be offensive. It will be done if someone reports you online or by Sony itself if you violate any of the rules mentioned here.

It’s better than getting banned for having an offensive PSN name. Starting with the new feature, offensive usernames will be automatically changed to a temporary ID which can be later changed by the user.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has mentioned this new rule under PSN name change section on the official support website. This rule also applies to everyone that’s going to use the new PlayStation name change feature. So make sure to not fool around and get your name changed.

Here’s the official description provided by Sony

Why has my online ID changed to TEMP?

If you find that your online ID is now ‘Tempxxx’, this change was caused by a report from another player and an investigation by moderation staff, with a finding that your online ID has breached the PSN Terms of Service.

Overall this feature somehow lowers the chances of players getting banned. We advise you to refrain from creating offensive profiles in order to avoid problems later.

Other PS4 users can now turn on their systems and finally change the embarrassing usernames which they made. The first alteration is free of cost but afterward, every change will cost you $10/£8 and $5/£4 for PlayStation Plus users.

Do note that this feature is currently in a preview program which means that you’ll encounter bugs and issues here and there. According to Sony Corporation, every game published after April 1, 2018, should support this feature but there’s no confirmation.

You can check out the tested games with critical issues. Sony doesn’t advise you to use the feature and play any game if it’s mentioned in the list.

Some common issues include the disappearance of your new name or the previous PSN ID still being visible. Disappearing of your in-game rankings, leaderboards, unlinking of accounts and game settings turning to default.

These type of issues can be possibly solved by signing out and then back in the PlayStation Network. Read more about these PSN name change issues in our article here.

Interested folks can follow our guide to swiftly change PSN ID via PS4 or Web browser.