Ubisoft Had to Convince Director for Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently sat down to talk about how the idea of Beyond Good & Evil 2 came about and also provided an update on the game’s development. It’s a sequel of the highly anticipated classic Beyond Good and Evil game released in 2003.

Speaking to IGN, Guillemot revealed how the publisher convinced Beyond Good and Evil 2’s director Michel Ancel. Opposite to what most people believe, it was not Ancel who approached Ubisoft. After Michel’s return to Ubisoft and the release of Rayman Legends, Origins, it was the publisher who encouraged the idea of finally making Beyond Good and Evil.

We convinced him that it could be the right time but he was able to, in working on it, to come up with something that was very impressive. So then all the planets were aligned and all the teams were ready to work with him on this project, said Guillemot.

Guillemot was then asked about the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2, to which replied with a positive response by assuring everyone that things are looking great.

To tell the truth, I talked to Michel last week to understand where the project was going, if we were to move in another direction, in short, if everything was going as we had hoped. We have seen together that the potential of this new universe is fantastic, and Michel is really passionate about his work within the project. I think it will be fantastic.

Apparently, Ubisoft doesn’t want anyone to be worried. Although, we haven’t seen much of the game new Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay is expected to be shown at E3 2019.

A rumor suggests that Ancel wants to drop a beta of Beyond and Evil 2 by the end of 2019. It’s unlikely to happen if the team is not settled on a solid direction soon.

It’s confirmed that the upcoming entry in Beyond Good and Evil franchise will be an online-only title.

As seen in the alpha gameplay, the game allows the players to plan their attacks, and use the spyglass to check out character stats. The game offers a seamless experience.

Players can go into space without loading screens. Characters like ADE, PEY’J, UMA, CALLUM, and THE GADA’S AI are part of the player’s crew in the game. In case you don’t remember, Jade and Pey’j are the returning characters from the original Beyond Good and Evil. But Jade is evil now. Hopefully, we will get to know more about the crew at E3 2019.

There’s no release date yet for Beyond Good and Evil 2. It’s expected to arrive on Xbox One, PC and Sony’s PlayStation 4.