Doom Mod ‘Mr. Friendly’ Gives All The Enemies Names And Social Interactions

A gem was found on Reddit recently which turned the brutal classic FPS game into an Animal Crossing style pacifist’s wet dream. With this Mr. Friendly Doom mod, every enemy in the game not only has a name, but also social interactions.

Now I know how tempting it is to just blast the demons heads off with a super shotgun, but stop and think for a second. Don’t you wonder what they might have been up to before you barged in there, guns blazing and heavy metal rocking?

Mr. Friendly mod allows you to do that, solving the levels via keycards and puzzle solving instead of ripping and tearing. The whole areas will also be populated with friendly demons looking for a chat. Who knew Hell was such a nice place?

This actually seems like a way better method to get Argent Energy from Hell. I always criticized the U.A.C and Samuel Hayden’s methods of harvesting the hellish energy. It sort of reminded me of the Bee movie, one where the Bees were having their honey stolen without their permission.

I’d like to get into the sublime Capitalism messages and subtext of the movie but that’s a topic for another time yeah?

The Mr.Friendly Doom mod is also a great opportunity to revisit the classic Doom while we wait for Doom Eternal in the meantime. It’s time to stop the senseless killing and have a civilized chat with our foes.

Imagine telling your friends about it.

Hey, what were you doing last weekend?
Playing Doom
That sounds neat! How many demons did you rip apart?
None actually, did you know they’re actually very appreciative of the contemporary arts?

Anyways, that should be motivation enough to go back in a time capsule right? Even if not for the Mr. Friendly Doom mod, you can just play the base game itself. Loads of fun!