Here is How You Can Get Destiny 2 Arbalest Exotic Weapon Once It’s Out

Destiny 2’s ongoing season of the Drifter has brought a cluster of exotic weapons for players to fight for. A popular one is the Thorn that returns from Destiny 1. A kinetic weapon called the Arbalest is something Destiny 2 has yet to add. Thanks to this Destiny 2 datamine though, we may have the information on how exactly we can get this exotic weapon once it’s out.

First off, the Arbalest in Destiny 2 will most likely be coming as a part of the Revelry live event. Either way, if this Destiny 2 datamine is accurate, here’s how we can help you get the exotic as soon as it’s out.

The exotic weapon will be available for purchase from the character Eva Levante. The way to do so will be by spending a unique currency that you can only earn through doing Revelry bounties. Turning in 300 of this currency will grant you the Destiny 2 Arbalest.

The datamine also reveals that you’ll be earning 25 of the currency per bounty, meaning you’ll need to complete around 12 of these bounties in order to earn the money needed for the Arbalest exotic weapon.

Bungie has therefore made the quest for the Arbalest similar to that of the Horror Story auto-rifle that players had to earn during the Festival of the Lost. The currency back then were fragmented souls. Pretty metal actually.

The revelry event for Destiny 2 will arrive on April 16th next week. Another piece of good news to go with this is the fact that Bungie did make the loot drops for Destiny 2 much more accessible. This might mean that we’ll have an easier time earning the Destiny 2 Arbalest during the Revelry event.

This is a good chance to put your all into the final stretch of the Arc week currently going on in Destiny 2 until Bungie makes the Revelry goes live next week.