The Division 2 Daily and Weekly Projects Disabled Until Further Notice

Massive Entertainment has now disabled The Division 2’s daily and weekly projects/missions until further notice due to a bug. It was less of a bug and more of an exploit for The Division 2 that allowed players to exploit projects by bringing them in repeatedly to earn multiple rewards.

The discovery of The Division 2 exploit, developer Massive Entertainment did an emergency server restart. However, the bug fix didn’t work out according to the plan. Massive Entertainment Tweeted: “We’re currently unable to fix the issue with the server restart, therefore we’re disabling the daily and weekly projects for the time being”.

The Division 2 reward exploit seems to be more complicated than Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment anticipated.

Although, the game servers are now back online but daily and weekly missions have been disabled until Massive provides a fix.

Here are the patch notes of the upcoming fix as found on Ubisoft forums.

  • Until we can apply the fix mentioned below, we’re deactivating the daily and weekly projects for the time being. We will update this thread accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow daily and weekly projects to award their rewards multiple times.

The unexpected shutting down of projects will affect many The Division players. Players use projects specifically to grind loot. Projects also come in handy for those who don’t like stepping in PvP environments like the game’s intense Dark Zone.

The reported bug apparently arrived with the recent Tidal Basin update. The Division 2’s first major content drop: Invasion: Battle for D.C episode has now arrived with 1.05 update which is now live on all platforms: Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

It brings Tidal Basin to the game along with World Tier 5, heroic difficulty with better loot and a new stronghold. The update also includes new events, new gear sets, weekly invasions and a new PvP map called “Fort McNair”. Two new exotic weapons: Pestilence (Light Machine Gun) and Nemesis (Sniper) are now also available for you to use.

There’s also an apparel event going on in the game allowing players to earn special masks, outfits, and skins inspired by different factions of the game. That’s not all as the update has also brought various bug fixes and gameplay changes which you can read more about in our article here.

The update has also brought a variety of new bugs to The Division 2. Another annoying bug is affecting Signature weapons ammo and Massive says that they are investigating the issue. We hope these bugs get fixed soon as they take away fun from the game.

The Division 2 is now available to play on Microsoft’s Xbox One, PC and Sony’s PlayStation 4.