Miyazaki Explains Learning Curve of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice for Players

We’re all at the point in time by now where Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is kicking our ass. Don’t be that guy and make the game easy for yourself though. Miyazaki made Sekiro Shadows Die Twice challenging for a reason, his intent was mainly to let the players enjoy the process of growth and getting better.

If you pushed through Sekiro Shadows Die Twice without any cheats, you’ll know exactly what he means. Some games reward you with cosmetics while others give you upgrades and other goodies. Sekiro on the other hand rewards players with the satisfaction of victory.

The game is definitely difficult and punishing, no doubt about it. There’s a reason it’s punishing and hard though. Sekiro forces you to adapt and learn from your beatings.

It’s like what Rocky said, it doesn’t matter how hard you hit. It’s about how much you can take but still get back up on your feet. If there’s one thing Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice have taught me, it’s to never give up.

I experienced a good bit of glee when I managed to defeat Genichiro in the prologue after going through an NG cycle. It was especially rewarding when I thought back to the ass-kicking I received the first time I fought him.

Miyazaki’s intent as always was to reward players with the progression on getting good. Once you start ploughing through the bosses that formerly made you pull your hair out, it’s a good feeling.

It’s also the type of feeling that very few games have been able to recreate. Plus, another thing to mention is that Sekiro Shadows Die Twice isn’t even unfairly difficult.

Rather it’s actually like a dance. Once you know the steps with when a boss attacks vs when they defend, it literally feels like an elegant dance of blades with them.

Of course, some bosses throw elegance right out the window when they throw their own shit at you. But you get my point.

From Software developed and released Sekiro Shadows Die Twice for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.