Blizzard Has Banned “Okay” Symbol In The Overwatch League Arenas

In their continuation to appease the more sensitive side of culture, Blizzard has banned the universal symbol of “okay”. Apparently, the symbol represents the alt-right ideas of white power and white supremacy. I’m just as baffled as whichever sane person is reading this.

Here’s the video where the “power” symbol was flashed.

Hence, we can’t say okay at the Overwatch league. I’d also like to press F for all the Zenyatta mains out there. Apparently, those symbols he forms in his hands at all times make him a white supremacist too?

I’ve found it hard to take the antics at the Overwatch league serious after people made a huge deal about Jake’s desk slam. This is just getting ridiculous though.

To put it into context, 4Chan ironically associated the symbol with white power. The gesture was originally part of the “Gottem” game were looking at the symbol got you punched. I guess now you’ll get punched again but for a much different reason.

Other than their weird sense of PR and culture, Overwatch recently added Baptiste to their roster as well.

I sincerely wish Blizzard would focused more on balancing Overwatch than catering to the demands of people that don’t even play. Do you think the geniuses that bought into the white power symbol theory are actually out there playing Overwatch? I highly doubt it.

Overwatch is available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you’re okay with occasionally seeing the signal every time you pass by a Zenyatta, do get the game. It’s good fun.