Borderlands 3 Developers Threaten to Upload Game to Pirate Bay Over Epic Games Exclusive Deal

Borderlands 3 is exclusive to Epic Games Store, according to 2K Games and Gearbox Software. There is community backlash over 2K Games decision to turn Borderlands 3 an Epic Games exclusive. In the midst of community feedback, an interesting post from an “anonymous” Gearbox developer is making rounds.

The post attacks Randy Pitchford for taking the “high ground” as if he had no part in the decision. The post claims that 2K Games had no interest in making Borderlands 3 an Epic Store exclusive. The anonymous developer claims Randy Pitchford forced the decision “all because he wants a bigger bonus he didn’t earn.”

Pitchford’s behavior with staff is also criticized in the post that calls him a “big bully.” The most interesting part about the post, however, is the developers wanting to upload the game to Pirate Bay.

The entire post is an interesting read but it loses all credibility with the following paragraph.

After the Epic exclusive was confirmed inside the studio we were not allowed to talk about the issues of the platform on our personal Twitters or anything. So where does this lead us? As rebellion, we’ve stolen a build of the game and will upload o the Pirate Bay so you can play the story in 4 weeks if our demands are not met.

The post goes on to demand better working conditions, anger management classes for Randy Pitchford, and 40 hour maximum work weeks. It seems the developers are holding a stolen copy of Borderlands 3 hostage until Gearbox meets their demands.

The post is being shared on a number of social media platforms and some news publications. We were able to confirm from our sources within Gearbox that the post is fake and holds no truth. While developers within Gearbox would like a Steam release for Borderlands 3 at launch, none are ready to stoop to this level, our contact said.

When asked about the working conditions and Randy’s behavior with the staff, our source chose not to comment.

Borderlands 3 is releasing sometime later this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is exclusive to Epic Games Store for 6-months.

There isn’t any information regarding microtransaction but there is indeed a season pass for Borderlands 3. And there is a gun that yells at enemies.

Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal is set for May 1 and by then we hope the backlash settles down.