Battlefield 5 Empty Armor Bug Confirmed By DICE, Fix Coming

DICE Technical Designer Jan David Hassel confirms Battlefield 5 Empty Armor is a bug and that DICE engineers are looking into it.

If you’ve gone into Battlefield 5’s Armory and experienced empty armory, don’t assume that it’s temporarily unavailable or that DICE is updating. The empty armor is occurring due to a game bug which has now been confirmed by DICE themselves.

The empty armory means that when you go into the armory screen, you’ll find a “No shipments available” or a “No weapons available” message on the screen. Jan David Hassel, a Technical Designer over at DICE, went on Twitter to confirm that this is indeed a bug after many players reported it.

So far it seems that both Xbox and PlayStation players are experiencing this empty armory bug in Battlefield 5. Hassel also said that OriginIDs “are best”, meaning that Origin IDs seem to be working at the moment.

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Stay tuned for more Firestorm updates!

Battlefield V is an FPS game by EA DICE and Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.