Sekiro Shadow Die Twice Easy Mode Mod Could Inspire From Software

New players of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice can now rest easy as modders have successfully created their own easy mode mod. There has been a debate going on since the launch whether the game should have an easy mode or not. However, an easy mode is very unlikely to happen due to how From Software treats its games.

Luckily, we have found another way to get easy mode. Over at Nexus mods modders have released Sekiro Shadows Die Twice easy mode mod.

The new Sekiro mod offers a variety of different options that are not currently available in the game. The mod also includes different graphics options like the ability to unlock frame rates in Sekiro, field of view (FOV) options and a stat screen to show players their death/kill count.

The biggest feature of the mod is an easy mode which allows the players to slow down bosses while preserving your character’s original speed and movements. This results in the bosses/enemies moving at half of their orignal speed thus allowing the players to dodge and deflect attacks easily.

It’s an actual representation of an easy mode suggested to FromSoftware.

Only PC players can try out this mod while console players will have to deal with difficult bosses in the game like Genichiro Ashina, who for example, is almost impossible to beat on a higher difficulty.

Console players’ only hope is From Software and if it doesn’t happen, players will surely find other ways to beat down bosses.

The easy mode mod is relatively straightforward to install. Those who are having trouble in the game can adjust difficulty settings, those who want widescreen support and unlocked frame rates can also take advantage of the mod without losing any of the game’s original settings or features.

Nvidia graphics card owners are requested to follow the following steps to enable this mod.

Use Nvidia Control Panel to set ‘Vsync’ to ‘Off’ and ‘Preferred Refreshrate’ to ‘Highest available’ on a Sekiro Profile. Troubleshoot: delete the (premade) Sekiro profile, add a new profile by stating the full file path to sekiro.exe and try again. If Preferred Refresh rate is missing or game still locks to 60fps see the guide further down on Nvidia Profile Inspector.

The easy mod is the best solution for the players and will probably work with all of the game’s PC versions alongside future updates.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice published by Activision is now available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.