Prince Harry Wants Fortnite Banned

At this point Mr. Prince, so do we. During a charity meeting for social media dangers in London, Prince Harry expressed his disdain for the game Fortnite and how it should be banned at this point.

Specifically, he described the game as more addictive than drugs and alcohol. He also spoke about the negative, toxic impact it has on kids who then spread that effect to Social media.

Now the jest I made in support to him was just a joke. Maybe I’m still salty about the shoddy Epic Store practices. In reality, I disagree with Prince Harry on the topic of Fortnite being banned.

Sure, video games are an addiction if mishandled. At this point, it’s very difficult to argue that statement due to the impact it has on our daily lives. However, is it really worse than drugs and alcohol?

You’re making a comparison to people who essentially ruin both their lives and bodies, to what’s just a hobby at home. Excessive drinking as an addiction can lead to liver failure. Excessive use of drugs has to lead to people overdosing and dying. Excessive gaming can have an impact on our social lives and behavior, however, it can be managed and controlled with a bit of family support.

What’s the worst effect you’ve seen come out of gaming? At most, I’ve gotten the occasional migraine from binging a game for too long. But I wouldn’t call it a harmful addiction, considering how most people are able to balance gaming with their jobs.

I don’t see the same being done with hardcore drugs or alcohol. Yeah, some toxic and negative habits do stem from video games like Fortnite. Those attributes can still be credited to multiple other sources though.

On that side of the argument, I’ll have to go against the Prince. However, I would like to ban Fortnite. Epic games is getting away with too much by making all our favorite games exclusives. That needs to stop.

Source: StandardCo