Octopath Traveler Coming to PC, Rated by Korean Game Rating Board

Octopath Traveler is seemingly heading to PC platform (Steam) with a port it seems as the game has been rated by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee.

The PC version of the game is listed to be published by Bandai Namco instead of Square Enix. Octopath Traveler is a turn-based role-playing video game developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch but it looks like now Square Enix and Bandai are working together to bring it to the fans on PC.

There’s nothing else provided except for that the game is an RPG and given a 12+ rating. Games which are rated like this usually end up being announced a few days later. Also, Korean boards have done similar things like this before.

The PC version of games like Okami HD and Sunset Overdrive was also leaked by Korean game rating board. On the other hand, Bandai Namco has published various Square Enix titles in Korea in the past so the game’s PC port could eventually arrive later this year.

By the looks of it, there’s no guarantee that the game will get a Western release or not. Moreover, the game could eventually also arrive on consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One because there’s no reason to why not. The sequel has been confirmed to be in works for console platforms. But it’s not going to arrive anytime soon as revealed by the official Twitter account of Octopath Traveler.

It will be a treat for everyone who wanted to try out the game on new platforms after it’s successful launch on Nintendo Switch. The role-playing game launched on July 2018 and passed over million unit sales in a short period of time. The sales were more than what Square Enix expected to achieve and based on that, they will continue to release more games like it.

Until the PC port is confirmed, we have Octopath Traveler: Conquerors of the Continent to look for which is another role-playing game in works but exclusive to mobile devices. The mobile game’s story takes place years before the original Octopath Traveler.

It’s a free to play game but will have microtransactions inside and the game is only scheduled to release currently in Japan. You will be able to play the game on iOS and Android devices. Pre-registrations for the game are now available (click here). Square Enix will be also giving demo/early access of the game to some lucky players.