Destiny 3 Leak Says The Game May Release In 2020 On The PlayStation 5 And Xbox Scarlett

During their partition with Activision, Bungie did promise us Destiny 3 to complete the trilogy. According to an extensive Destiny 3 leak, the game is releasing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda in 2020. Insider information claims that Destiny 3 gameplay design will cater to hardcore Destiny players.

The leak comes from AnonTheNine, a user that leaked Destiny 2 before its release and quite accurately as well. This is why we’re taking this leak as mildly authentic at least since we’re confident that the guy has contacts in Bungie. Keep in mind, this is still just a rumor so it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

Besides the Destiny 3 release date, we were told that the game will be much heavier than its predecessors. Destiny 3 will have much more content in addition to pretty graphics.

The locations described by Anon referred mostly to Earth, places like Chicago and Europe, as well as planetary exploration to Venus. The End Game was also set to be on a Pyramid shaped spaceship supposedly.

The enemies of Destiny 3 will be from a new faction known as the “Veil.” Whether our old foes like the Ghaul or Fallen will reappear is unknown. The Hive did make a comeback in Destiny 2 so it’s entirely possible.

The Destiny 3 leak also depicted the heavy focus Bungie will be putting on Role-playing elements. Proper RPG elements were lacking in Destiny 2 outside of the choice you get to either be a drifter or a Guardian.

Finally, one of the more interesting part of the leaks was the mention of more open-world PvP. Is this going to be reminiscent of the Rogue system we see in The Division 2 dark zones? Or something new entirely?

All these questions and speculations will be answered in 2020 when we might see Destiny 3 release on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda.