Anthem Fans Say They Regret Supporting Anthem By Buying It

The dumpster fire known as BioWare’s Anthem is a sad and disappointing product. Even those who wholeheartedly supported this game as hardcore BioWare fans are now starting to regret it. A recent post on Reddit about Anthem gathered close to 5K upvotes and hundreds of comments from hardcore BioWare fans. The post, made by fuel_junkie, expressed his regret over buying Anthem.

He wished to have “never supported Anthem by buying the game.” What adds to his remorse is the fact that he talked his brother into buying Anthem as well. He feels “personally responsible for wasting $120.”

However, he isn’t the only one, countless comments from other Anthem players express the same feelings, regret and remorse. Fans regret ever trusting BioWare with Anthem and feel cheated and lied to. Some spend $15 to play Anthem for a month with Origin Premier Access and such players feel they had their money’s worth but don’t have any reason to go back to Anthem anymore. What does that mean? They feel Anthem is a $15 product and if it was sold at that price point may be the situation would have been different. Meanwhile, those who bought multiple copies with friends and family to play together feel nothing but regret for supporting EA/BioWare’s Anthem.

If you read through the comments you’ll see a general consensus forming among the community members of Anthem’s Reddit, “never pre-order video games.” Pre-ordering a video game is a gamble and in this day and age one never knows how a product will turn out. Gameplay demos, trailers, all can be faked just as we have seen with Anthem.

Fallout 76 is another example of misrepresentation. Todd Howard stood up on stage at E3 and lied through his teeth about Fallout 76. Think of it this way, when you train your dog, you reward his good behavior so he learns the difference between positive and negative behaviors. If you keep rewarding poor developer/publisher practices with money, they have no reason to change and learn what’s the right way.

Anthem’s Reddit is filled with posts discussing Kotaku’s article, Bethesda, Fallout 76, Destiny 2, and of course, Anthem itself. It seems players are finally wising up to the fact that publishers and developers are more than comfortable lying to us about the product.