Halo Twitter Account Wants To See Master Chief In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The official Halo Twitter account has expressed interest in seeing Master Chief in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, in response to a Twitter Gaming account asking what character gamers would like to see in Nintendo’s latest crossover fighting game. Unlikely as it is, however, it’s not without precedent, especially these days.

Non-Nintendo characters that make their way into Super Smash Bros are most often gaming icons from series that have been going on for many years, or have a huge degree of popularity. Characters like Ryu, Bayonetta, Joker from Persona 5, Solid Snake, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more have all managed to reach the game, and now the Halo Twitter account believes that it’s the Master Chief’s turn.

If we see Master Chief in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, however, it wouldn’t be the first time that Halo was adde to a fighting game. Nicole-458, another SPARTAN from the Halo universe, was added as an unlockable character to Dead Or Alive 4. The Arbiter was also added to Killer Instinct alongside other shooter characters like General RAAM.

However, seeing Master Chief in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is something that would be new to Halo characters being added to fighting games. Despite being the mascot character, Master Chief has yet to be seen in a game outside of Halo unlike the Arbiter and Nicole, so there’s always the possibility that we could see Master Chief in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

However, we’d have to wait on official word from Nintendo before we see him coming into the guest roster, especially since so far Joker’s been the only guest character revealed that will be coming to the game.

We’ll likely find out what other guest characters will be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate later over the course of the DLC roster, but whether or not the Master Chief ends up as a Smash Bros character remains to be seen.