Frustrated Fortnite Player Hacks The Official Twitter Account

Just yesterday on April 3, the official Fortnite Twitter account was hacked, following the fan backlash over the update v8.20.1.

A recent Fortnite Update v8.20 removed the health gained per elimination and decreased the material harvesting rate within the game. Even after Epic Games released update v8.20.1, there were no changes in mechanics and all modes continued as they were after v8.20 went live. This prompted a bit of backlash from Fortnite players.

Adding to the fan frustration, Epic announced earlier today that it would not allow ultra wide resolutions in arena mode and tournaments. All of this resulted in the twitter hack.

Apparently, the first tweet to come from the official Fortnite Twitter account told people to follow @cal086, likely hacker’s account.

The hacker sent out two more tweets. The first read “4PF SHIT GANG BIZ” and the second read “Revert the changes !!” After that, every reply was telling Epic Games to “revert” the changes.

The folks at Fortnite have taken back control of the account since then and deleted all the rogue tweets. Despite that, there are screenshots of the tweets on the web.

The hacker’s account @cal086 has only one tweet which reads “Omega LUL.”, leading many to believe that it could be a proxy account. @calo86 had a follower by the name of Gunfly, who posted a DM from cal086 following the apparent Fortnite Twitter account hack.

Epic Games has also removed Infinity Blade from Fortnite after fans saying it was overpowered and annoying to deal with.

In any case, this hack might just get Epic Games attention to address what fans don’t like about the recent changes in the game. They may revert the changes or may even go as far to press charges against the hacker if caught. So far, Epic Games has not made any official statements about the hack or their future plans regarding any adjustment.