A Monster Will Avenge His Family in Darkborn, New Gameplay Trailer Is Out

Darkborn is a new IP from The Outsiders and it puts you in the boots or rather paws of a monster. Check out 15 minutes of Darkborn gameplay in this trailer down below:

The premise of the game deviates from the usual settings we encounter. Instead of hunting monsters as a white-haired hunter, you’re playing as the monster, so the opposite of The Witcher?

The game tasks you, a Darkborn creature, with avenging the deaths of your family. The lead monster of the game is going up against Vikings who are the ones that killed his family.

Darkborn gameplay is set in a medieval setting in the Nordic Viking era, where you take control of a critter and have to hunt down the Vikings. The creature itself is a gremlin/goblin-like entity. The player character sports claws, a mean bite, a meaty whip extension among other abilities the full game will reveal.

Two things we did see are the monster’s ability to glide past huge gaps and he also seems to have telepathic communication with an unknown voice that eventually leads us to a tree at the end of the trailer.

The Outsiders haven’t confirmed Darkborn release date as of yet. From the gameplay footage, we can definitely tell that they’ve made progress since the announcement in 2016.

Darkborn’s gameplay definitely looks intriguing as well from a lore standpoint. The Outsiders did add that not all humans in the game are evil. Instead, you’re an innocent life that was caught amidst a conflict.

The game starts off with Darkborn sneaking around due to his fragile body but it eventually changes you into a fearsome beast that can rip battalions to shreds.

They stayed quiet about the rest of the game. I guess we’ll have to wait till the release date to find out.