Devil May Cry 5 Censorship Still Persists In European Copies

I’m not sure why this is still such a hot topic but here I am covering it. You still can’t see Trish’s buttcrack during that specific cutscene in the European copies of Devil May Cry 5 on the PlayStation 4. It’s not a huge deal, but yes, there still is Devil May Cry 5 censorship in European copies of the game.

The censorship was removed for American copies of the game with the DMC 5 Bloody Palace update that graced us on the 1st of April.

Also, I should add that the censorship only applies to Trish in her cutscene. Lady’s scene remains censored in all editions of the game, including PC. That’s until the mods come out of course.

Why are we still hung up on this though? I’d rather spend the time it’s taking to write this to just beg Capcom for a playable Vergil instead.

If you want to see Trish naked, just go to rule34 or something. I promise you, there are literally buttloads of content there, get it?

Don’t go after Capcom for censoring some polygon butt, guys. If anything, just ask them for more cool content. Bloody Palace was an amazing addition to the already spectacular DMC 5.

I do understand the discomfort present when the same game has different features across platforms. Devil May Cry 5 did release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows after all. The fact that some people get to see Trish’s ass while others don’t is pretty disturbing.

Still, if I were any of you, I’d be more focused on getting my stylish ranks up. Trust me, it’s way better to hear the announcer scream “Smokin’ Sexy Style” than it is to see Trish’s buttcrack for half a second.

Let’s hope this is the last coverage on this cursed topic. Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of this, we can put the whole situation behind us.

Devil May Cry 5 is available on all three platforms thanks to Sony and Microsoft. If you haven’t played it yet, what the hell are you doing?