Borderlands 3 Will Have A Gun That Yells At Enemies

There are a lot of ridiculous guns in almost all of the Borderlands games. They are one of the hallmarks of the game and one of the main reasons for all the love from the fans of the series. It seems that Borderlands 3 won’t be breaking that long tradition of outlandish guns anytime soon as it’s going to include a gun on legs that shouts insults at your enemies.

It’s exciting just to imagine that gun running on the battlefield. It might even cheer the player up if they are in a firefight, running dangerously low on health. Just hearing a tiny mechanical voice yell vulgarities at the suckers who are trying to kill you would be a major boost in morale!

The gun is already leading a lot of fans to believe that it could be an evolution or offspring of Borderlands 2’s gun Bane that screamed when the player fired it. Right now, no one knows how the yelling gun would work in Borderlands 3, but Borderlands is insane enough to probably find a way.

Excited? This is not all that the gun has to offer. Well, there’s another one that has self-propelling bullet shields and another that spawns hot melting volcanoes. Gearbox Software isn’t going slow.

There’s another thing to imagine! The guns could potentially make lava shoot out of the ground and propel enemies up into the air while outrageously burning/cooking them. Although bullets deal damage but fire damage BBQ is just a whole another thing!

Earlier this year it was announced on the Metro Exodus’ Steam page that Deep Silver and Epic have reached an agreement to sell Metro Exodus solely on the Epic Games Store. Maybe this yelling gun is enough to calm down fans of the series enough to stop bombarding previous Borderlands’ Steam pages with angry reviews and hate.

Borderlands 3 is open now for pre-orders for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC from the Borderlands website.