New Anthem Equipment Leak Revealed Weapons, Armor, Class Objects

In spite of the non-stop stream of bad press that Anthem has been getting over the past few weeks since its release, BioWare is still chugging along with trying to fix it. A recent Anthem equipment leak, for instance, has revealed new weapons, new armor, and new class objects.

While Anthem does have four different armors that players can supposedly customize any way they want, it rapidly became clear since the game’s release that all of the different weapons are the same, and there was really nothing beyond skins and paints to customize your armor the way you wanted. Guns were also an issue, as they were completely identical while the damage numbers coming off of enemies were nothing but window dressing.

Now, however, BioWare appears to be aiming to fix that. The new Anthem equipment leak will likely allow players to pick the best guns, mess around with more of their armor components, and be able to customize their Javelins more not just with armor and weapons but also items that are specific to each Javelin.

These appear to be efforts to make it so that there are more useful items for players to augment their Javelins with, something that has been a fan demand since the game came out. Destiny and The Division already have similar items, which not only include the class items of Marks, Bands, and Cloaks, but also effects brought on by the armor and weapons you use.

The four items that are part of the new Anthem equipment leak are each limited to one type of Javelin, helping to increase damage from both abilities and weapons along with other abilities. These include the Anthem’s Grace for the Storm, Tarshish’s Last Stand for the Ranger, Slayer’s Furor for the Interceptor, and Surging Shield for the Colossus.

If you still play Anthem but are looking for more customization options, hopefully the new leak gives you what you wanted.