(Update)YouTube Ad Confirms Borderlands 3 Release Date With An Epic Games Logo

The hype of Anthem is at an all-time high, from its exotic trailer to fans predicting its release date, Borderlands 3 is everywhere in the news right now. Players have many questions especially the big one “when is Borderlands 3 coming out? Well, according to a YouTube ad from Gearbox itself, the game is releasing on September 13, 2019.

Gearbox is yet to officially confirm the release date for Borderlands 3 but this YouTube ad pretty much confirms everything. News of Borderlands 3 release date came yesterday the accidental Tweet by Borderlands official account. The Gearbox Tweet leaked the September 13 release date along with it, the possibility of being exclusive to Epic Game Store.

The possibility still lingers thanks to the same YouTube ad. The Borderlands 3 video featured an Epic Games logo at the end and no mention of Steam. The logo indicates that Epic Games Store is getting exclusive rights to Borderlands 3 distribution. However,  the Epic Games logo could also indicate the involvement of Epic’s Unreal Engine.

Gearbox announced Borderlands 3 at PAX East last week and launched its trailer with no sign of any release date. Fans went crazy after seeing the amazing trailer and started to make theories about when the game is going to release.

The most famous theory was of it releasing on October 1, 2019. Now that the release date is confirmed, it seems that the fans were almost correct, as September 13 is not so far off from October 1.

Borderlands 3 exclusive deal with Epic Store is quite shocking as all of its prequels were launched on Steam and have received hype after the trailer of the upcoming game was launched. Steam is still providing updates and increasing popularity to Borderlands series, whose sequel won’t be even available on Steam for several months after its release.

Other than the release date and exclusivity with Epic Store, the video also reveals some new characters that will be available in Borderlands 3. The new Borderlands 3 characters are: Amara, Moze, Zane, FL4KWe.

Official Borderlands 3 news is expected soon.

Update 2: Borderlands 2 is exclusive to Epic Games Store for 6 months.

Update: Borderlands 3 release date is September 13 as confirmed by an official trailer. You can check out the trailer at the bottom of this article.