The Last Of Us 2 Workbenches Returning To The Game, Thank International Women’s Day

A brief glimpse of Naughty Dog employees at work has apparently given us confirmation that The Last Of Us 2 workbenches will be available to use in the game, and the news actually came from the studio’s own International Women’s Day video posted back in March. So thanks a lot, women!

Workbenches aren’t the only thing that will be coming back to The Last Of Us, however. Weapon upgrades that you can use to soup up all of the different items that you’re going to be coming across in the game were also spotted in that same video. Earlier, the Playstation Store also apparently implied that the game would be coming out in 2019 alongside all of its other anticipated titles for this year.

Considering that despite multiple trailers and bits of gameplay we haven’t seen a release date, hopefully the store is right. This will be especially important news considering that Sony will be skipping E3 2019, meaning that there’s no specific guarantee that we’ll even see anything about the game this year.

The Last Of Us 2 workbenches news doesn’t just have to be about the story, however. The original Last Of Us game also had a multiplayer mode that proved quite popular, so there’s also the possibility that the workbench interface is going to be available in a multiplayer mode, if there turns out to be one.

Other bits of content included in the International Women’s Day video from Naughty Dog included a shot of Joel in what appeared to be the position of a playable character, something else that’s been on every fan’s mind considering Ellie is more the focus.

But, whether it’s The Last Of Us 2 workbenches or even, hopefully, a release date, all we can hope for is that The Last Of Us 2’s development is progressing steadily.