Sony Has Revised Playstation Network Refund Policy To Account For Pre-Orders, Faulty Games

If you’ve been one of those gamers that has raged against Sony over them refusing to give you a refund on a game if you pre-ordered it or it doesn’t work on your console, help may finally be here. Sony has revised the Playstation Network refund policy to account for both.

The new refund policy will allow users to refund games that they’ve pre-ordered, so long as they ask for the refund before the game releases, and haven’t downloaded or streamed it. So if you’re put off of a game you pre-ordered because you’ve been hearing bad early reviews, if you’re fast enough you can get a refund for it.

The Playstation Network refund policy on refunding faulty games are also being changed. If your game is faulty, you have the ability to refund it as long as you want a refund for at least two weeks after you purchased it. The same policy applies to pre-orders, so if you pre-ordered it you should probably be fast and make sure you actually want the game.

Refunds from digital stores have always been a tricky business, mainly because there’s no way that the company in charge can tell if it’s a good-faith refund or if you’ve played the game lightning fast, beaten it, and then want a refund to take advantage of the system. However, since consumer laws are changing around the world, more companies are changing their refund policies.

For instance, in Germany, Nintendo was sued for violating consumer protection laws by willfully refusing to refund people who were regretting purchases. It’s likely that in a similar effort to avoid litigation abroad, Sony is also changing its own Playstation Network refund policy. While you might have missed your chance to get a refund if you pre-ordered something like, say, Anthem, and ended up regretting it, at least in the future you’ll have a better chance at a refund.