PlayerUnknown Won’t Work on PUBG 2, Focus on New Projects

The man behind Battlegrounds, Brendan Greene has confirmed that he won’t be working on PUBG 2. That doesn’t mean he won’t continue to update PUBG itself, since he has stated that he has plans for that. As for future endeavors though, he plans to look beyond the Battle Royale genre of gaming.

“I’ve done battle royale, it’s time to try something else. There are ideas about how we connect to people and how we provide the different experiences I have.”

Greene is still the head of PUBG Corp, specifically spear-heading a project called PUBG Special Projects. This division is dedicated to keeping PUBG fresh for future. I suppose that’s a good alternative to compensate for a sequel.

He also spoke about what he plans to do in terms of a new game in greater detail. One thing he mentioned was how the studio doesn’t have a deadline. He expressed great pleasure in this, especially considering how bad deadlines can be for companies. Remember the controversial¬†Rockstar crunch hours?

Not only does the absence of a deadline relieve a lot of pressure, it also gives developers the opportunity to explore their boundaries. In this case, PlayerUnknown is getting that opportunity for the small cost of PUBG 2.

It’s good to see that he won’t milk the same idea for years and years till it gets stale. I’m not talking about any specific company or franchise by the way, I swear. While the idea of PUBG 2 may sound promising, live service games like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds hardly have sequels.

Instead, we’ll be able to see something new, something possibly fresh as well. It will be nice to see let’s say, an innovative monster hunting game. A game who’s point of interest would be the tagline “from the makers of PUBG”.

I just hope his game can be more optimized than Battlegrounds at least. Good God the game can be really frustrating sometimes when people vanish out of their cars or can’t jump a fence.