Microsoft E3 2019 Press Event to Showcase Unexpected Partnerships

Microsoft’s Xbox Division head Phil Spencer has been making a very steady effort for a while now to increase the range of games that are released on Xbox One each year. Spencer seems to be focusing on games from Japanese developers to add to the Xbox One arsenal. He will be visiting Korea and Japan soon and according to Spencer, Microsoft E3 2019 press event will feature Japanese titles.

Developers from Korea have also been taken under the Xbox One wing, a big example would be when Spencer brought Pearl Abyss’ open-world MMORPG Black Desert to the Xbox One. The game was announced for Xbox One during E3 2017. We’ve also seen him bring Devil May Cry 5 and many others. But it seems that Spencer isn’t done yet.

His recent tweets suggest that he will be going back to Japan and Korea to discuss various business strategies for a whole week. This time around Phil Spencer is going to be focusing on E3 2019 and how Korean and Japanese developers can be involved, as you can see in the tweet below.

Another interesting info to come out of the recent tweets is how long this year’s E3 press conference will be. He talked about the length of Microsoft’s traditional E3 press conference, which will be driven by content and quality this year as well.

Although we don’t have a precise date and time for any announcements, it will be interesting to see which titles will Korean and Japanese game developers bring to the table this year. It should be announced soon enough.