Borderlands 3 Release Date Leaked, Could Be An Epic Games Store Exclsuive

Borderlands 3 was finally revealed to us in a gun-tastic trailer last PAX East. Since the game’s reveal, everybody’s been asking about when the game will officially be out. Right now, all we have on that is this Borderlands 3 release date leak along with the chance of the game being an Epic Store exclusive.

The release date for the game is supposedly set for September 13th. This was according to a tweet that has since been deleted.

This is different from a popular fan theory we had a while ago. The official twitter handle plus referencing the game as mayhem makes this tweet more authentic. This tweet was released on April 1st though, so don’t let your guard down.

As for the other part of the Borderlands 3 release date leak, we had another tiny preview. This preview had the Epic Store logo in the bottom left corner, however.

A lot of us hope this isn’t true because of how bad the Epic Store client can be for PC gamers. Sweeney and his cronies did promise to stop making games exclusive after a while. This might still mean that we’ll be seeing Borderlands 3 fall into the Epic Store.

There’s a multitude of reasons that I could go on and on about as to why you don’t want Borderlands 3 as an Epic exclusive. It all has to do mainly with their terrible client.

Not just that, exclusivity in any sense usually does suck in a monetary sense. The only time I can find it acceptable is if the exclusivity is as a reward for hard work. You know, like getting a rare skin in a game by following unique prerequisites.

When it comes to the platform you can buy a game from, exclusivity sucks. So here’s to hoping that Borderlands 3 isn’t an Epic Store exclusive. On the topic, Randy Pitchford did further hint to the deal.


Take it as you will, still was on April 1st.