Best Locations to Land in Battlefield 5 Firestorm BR – Where to Land on Halvoy

BF5 Firestorm BR’s Halvoy map is currently the biggest map of any Battle Royale game so far. A bigger map introduces us to more zones with supply drops and thus more players in the same place for the high-tier loot.

Since Firestorm is newly launched, everyone is still confused and unaware of the best locations considered for the supply drops.

We’ve outlined some locations where you should consider landing for the best available loot in Battlefield 5 Firestorm BR.

Best Locations to Land in Battlefield 5 Firestorm

Keep in mind that because of the map is fairly large, only certain areas of a map will be available in each drop. The best locations when it comes to high-tier loot include:

  • Halvoy Dam
  • Pluto (Dig Site A)
  • Minerva Docks
  • Friggatind
  • Baldr’s Point
  • Nannahavn
  • Odenberg
  • Hansen Farms
  • Hodstad
  • Arctic Lake
  • Guderos

Locations like Friggatind, Minerva Docks, Pluto Odenberg, Hodstad, and Arctic Lake are the most common locations that are chosen by players to drop.

No doubt, these locations have high-tier loot but since players drop here profusely, these locations come under the areas of high killings.

These locations are the ones you have to get quick in action. Soon after dropping here, you’ll have to run for the loot and kill people who have already got it or are trying to get it.

Other locations have a less drop rate but the loot is great. Players usually do not choose these locations but if you drop here, you can easily collect the loot without much of the action.

While searching areas, do check the different floor levels as they will be also holding loot. Apart from the loot, there are *different vehicles* that will be hidden in the landmarks.

Do consider landing on the locations mentioned above before prioritizing other places. Even if you find players there, your priority should be getting to the loot and only killing for defense.