You Can Now Buy The First Two Original Warcraft Games On GOG In Celebration of Franchise’s 25th Birthday

Despite what Blizzard has said about remastering the Warcraft games, you can now buy the first two original Warcraft games on GOG, to celebrate the franchise’s 25th birthday. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and Warcraft 2 edition, are now available to buy on the store, brought up to modern running standards.

2019 is already shaping up to be a good year for Warcraft as a whole. With the success of Battle for Azeroth, along with an announcement months ago about Warcraft 3 getting a “Reforged” edition that remasters the whole game to modern standards, it’s no surprise that GOG is also offering the first two games.

Previously, folks at Blizzard had said that they wouldn’t remaster the original Warcraft games, because replaying them in the modern day didn’t seem fun. Thankfully GOG apparently gotten permission from Blizzard to post the original Warcraft games on GOG.

The original Warcraft games were some of Blizzard’s first titles, telling the backstory of the World of Warcraft universe. Warcraft: Orcs and Humans focuses on the initial invasion of the Horde from the world of Draenor to Azeroth, back when only Orcs were part of the Horde. Warcraft 2 will continue the story of the second war, before Warcraft 3 tells the story of Arthas Menethil, who would lay the Kingdom of Lordaeron to waste and become the Lich King.

While veteran World of Warcraft players might be well-versed enough in the game’s lore to not want to play these again, if you’re interested in one of the first-ever glimpses of the world of Azeroth, or have been a WOW veteran for years and want to see where it all started, now’s the time.

You can buy both of the original Warcraft games on GOG in a bundle for just $14.99, or your regional equivalent. So whether you’re for the Alliance or the Horde, you can get both games (and possibly Diablo, which was also released on GOG a while ago) for a low price.