Bungie Is Increasing Destiny 2 Rare Loot Drop Rates In An Upcoming Update

Players still desperately searching for Dreaming City and Last Wish Raid items will be happy to know that they’re more likely to find them soon. Why? Because Bungie is heavily buffing the Destiny 2 rare loot drop rates in an upcoming update.

In the latest blog post by Bungie regarding update 2.2.1, which will be released on April 9th, Bungie noted that players struggling to get the event items will have a much easier time after the patch.

The update is specifically concentrated on the Destiny 2 rare loot drop rates for the Dreaming City Ghost shell, ship, and Sparrow specifically.

This isn’t some small percentage increase either. The drop rates of these items have been tripled in fact. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find them after Destiny 2 Update 2.2.1 hits the servers.

Bungie mentioned that this tripling effect has been administered to all of the activities that drop items for players. This patch is also a chance to earn the Cursebreaker title.

The exotic weapon from the Last Wish Raid known as a Thousand Voices is also getting a buff to its drop rates. Bungie mentioned that this tweak will be pretty minor since they still want some of the weapons in Destiny 2 to be rare.

It’s also worth mentioning that a Thousand voices can, in fact, be found in the chest of the Last Wish Raid at the very end.

Among smaller mentions regarding the update included the lore books being easier to find which is good news for completionists. The rest of the looting shooting fanbase will be happier with the changes above.

Another important aspect of the update is how much more fruitful Destiny 2 Secret Secrets will be. What with the increased drop rates on items that aren’t exotic.

If you’re unfamiliar with Destiny 2 Secret Secrets, they’re a daily bounty given to you Petra Venj. The bounties focus on finding secret items at specified areas of the Dreaming City for a reward.

A good way to pass the time exploiting the new rare loot drop buffs while we wait for season 7.

Destiny 2 is first-person multiplayer shooter developed by Bungie for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.