Bulletstorm Duke Of The Switch Edition Announced! Coming This Summer

We’re finally getting Bulletstorm on the Nintendo Switch! The legendary FPS is now coming to the Switch in an updated form of the remastered release. The new edition has also been dubbed as Bulletstorm Duke of Switch edition. Pretty clever wordplay on both the port to the Nintendo Switch and the fact that you can play as Duke Nukem.

Bulletstorm Duke of Switch edition will release this Summer. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition is also published by Gearbox, the same people behind Borderlands franchise.

Speaking of which, the Bulletstorm was revealed during the same event as theĀ Borderlands 3 reveal, so there’s a lot to look forward to from Gearbox.

There’s a good chance you missed out on Bulletstorm when it first came out in 2011 on legacy consoles. The game was sort of like if Devil May Cry was an FPS. How do I make that conclusion? Well, mainly it’s because of the game’s pursuit of style.

A unique mechanic in Bulletstorm called “trickshotting” is basically a slow-motion sequence whenever you knock an enemy into a perilous position. The slow-motion was a cue for you to kill the enemy as uniquely as possible for style points.

These unique methods involved shooting an environmental hazard near them or using different parts of your weapon. Oh yeah, weapons had secondary functionalities alongside their primary ones. This is Gearbox so of course, there will be a heavy emphasis on gunplay.

You also had a leash at your arsenal that you could use to yank enemies towards you or launch them skywards. Either way, you’re in for a high octane bullet-hell adventure with foul-mouthed humor and much more.

Now you get to either experience it for the first time or do your second playthrough of Bulletstorm on the Nintendo Switch. I’m excited about their co-op coming back as well.

More exciting games join the Nintendo Switch line-up. We’ll now get to play Bulletstorm: Duke of the Switch andĀ Cuphead on the same platform.