Overwatch PTR Update Targets Reaper and Junkrat, Reaper Teleport Changed to Counter Widowmaker

With the recent release of Baptiste and the map Paris, Overwatch buffs and introduced several other changes with Overwatch PTR update. It looks like the patches aren’t stopping as Junkrat and Reaper both get new buffs with the latest March update. The Overwatch forum revealed everything we need to know about the March Overwatch PTR update buffs to Reaper and Junkrat.

This is Junkrat’s second recent buff while Reaper is receiving his after a nerf. Let’s jump into the latest March Overwatch PTR update.


After the Overwatch PTR update, the PTR Reaper can now teleport in mid-air. He continues to descend during the animation but much slower. It’s unsure if he’s invulnerable to falling off the map during this animation. Another tweak to the same ability is that he remains fully invincible during the end of the teleport animation. This means all you Widowmaker and Hanzo mains out there won’t be getting those easy headshots on an appearing Reaper.

Reaper’s been getting changes a lot as of late. We saw the now old change of his soul orbs to a vampire healing effect. We then saw that effect get buffed to madness which allowed Reaper mains to see tanks as health-packs. After that, we saw a nerf to the percentage he can heal with the introduction of Baptiste.

This new buff makes PTR Reaper much better as a flanking character. You can now reach better spots to sneak on enemies from. Reaper is also more viable against characters like Widowmaker with this change. Furthermore, you can make comebacks after being knocked off the map by Ashe, Lucio, Pharah, Brigitte, and Orisa.


This Australian A-hole got another buff for some reason. It’s a bit more of a tweak than an outright buff though.

His rate of fire on the aimless grenade launcher has been increased while the mobility of his grenades has decreased. This means he can fire them quicker but they’ll also explode a lot faster. At the same time, they don’t bounce around as much.

This is Blizzard’s attempt at making him a little less spammy I suppose since there’s less of a chance to be hit by a nade that bounces off several walls. It’d be better to just delete the character but this works for now.

Other changes to the game include some minor bug fixes and even a tiny little buff to Symmetra. That being her teleporter not being impeded by railings or other obstacles. All of these changes can be seen in the Overwatch PTR.

You can download the PTR on Overwatch PC from the region options in the Blizzard client.