Game Co-director Tai Yasue Talks Kingdom Hearts 3 Difficulty, Story and Challenges

In a recent interview with GameInformer at GDC this week, Kingdom Hearts 3’s co-director Tai Yasue reflected on the game. Yasue discussed its finer points and why fans were disappointed.

He said the main focus of the core-gameplay of KH3 was at its story and not the difficulty.

When asked about the “hard-fought fights and more post-game bosses”, Yasue said:

There was a lot of feedback that said the standard and beginner were pretty easy. I guess, we sort of aimed for that though. For us, we wanted it to widen our audience so that was the whole point of that, but we did get a lot of [responses] saying [fans] wanted more difficult modes, so we gave them critical mode. I sort of expected that people might think that it was too easy, but we were targeting an audience. My kids, for example, who have never played Kingdom Hearts.

Yasue mentioned that his favorite world to work on as a gameplay designer was Toy Story.

I love the concept of being small and becoming a toy and exploring a toy shop. There are all these gimmicks like hitting a canister of gas.

He also said implementing boss fights was “very difficult”.

We felt that it was enough. When you’re playing the game, you don’t want boss fights all of the time, right? We sort of paced it when we were doing the level design. We also really focused on changing the gameplay, going in our ship and going in the robots. As a gameplay designer, you don’t want to have it too hard so people give up. It was a difficult balance to strike

He talked more about the character stories in Kingdom Hearts III as well, he said:

All the characters coming together, it was actually emotional for me, too. [Fans] relate that to their lives. I didn’t write the story, Nomura did, but to experience that as a player – that was very special to me.

The full interview can be read here.

Kingdom Hearts III is an RPG by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.